Our Story

It was 2012 when we were invited to friends in a “youth circus”. There we saw for the first time how a friend climbed up the silks and presented a graceful, acrobatic dance performance. From this time on our story began and our dream was to learn the acrobatics on this amazing aerial silk. At the same time, we discovered the Aerial Yoga and the Yoga that we practiced passionately and it gave a positive touch to our health and well-being. In 2016, the idea of the own studio came up. On the “gold tablet” we had the chance to find suitable premises. With great joy, we pass on our skills and learn many new things; be it from various trainings or from our great students. We thank you all for your loyalty and enthusiasm and we look forward to welcome new Motion Lovers.


It’s not just to be in motion with our body, it’s also important to be in motion with our mind! To think flexible will help our body to increase flexibility. When we allow our mind to be in motion, we are more relaxed, which in turn makes our body smoother, softer and more stretchable. Also it works the other way around; when we regularly move our body with some exercise, it will boosts our circulation and metabolism. We react more relaxed and feel better in our body.

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In the hectic times we live in, many of us lost our sense of our body. If we can no longer listen to our body we can not recognize signs that can lead us into a serious illness. We have to learn to listen to our body again and to trust it fully. Because our body knows better than our mind!...


…When we trust our body again and listen to it, it leads us to positive events and our body gets the chance to become completely well. Only with a healthy body we are 100% happy. Love your body and treat it only good and you will see it will give it back to you with feel-goodness and joy.

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Definitely! Nature is the best thing that exists and it makes our planet the most beautfull and unique place. Nature gives us so much! To be in Nature simply feels just so good, breathing that fresh air, listening to some birds, feeling the warm sun on your skin! We recommend everyone to go into nature at least once a day for about 20-30min. Try it and you will become more natural!


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