Drops, Combinations & Choreographies!

If you are interested in an Aerial Silk Advanced course, please contact us on 079 816 69 26 or directly via our contact form ->

The workshops take place approx. once a month. Check the dates below in the flyer.

This is aimed at aerialists with experience who would like to train at 8m height. Special topics in the workshop are Drops, Combinations and Choreographies. Of course you can also patricipate as a beginner, where you learn the basic techniques of climbing and basic figures. 

Fitted sportswear (long leggings and long-sleeve T-shirt)
No shoes needed, changing room and shower are available, bring a water bottle.


  • Saturday

    14.30 – 15.45

Class Trainer
Simona Brüesch
Aerial Silk, Circus, Body Shaping, Stretching