Aerial Silk

Aerial Silk

You don’t need wings to fly!

All you need is two pieces of soft fabric, hanging from the ceiling – and a little bit of our expertise  Aerial Silk is a unique workout that trains every part of your body. You’ll learn how to move vertically, wrap yourself, drop into or spin with the fabrics.  Aerial Silk magically combines elements of acrobatics and dance.

Aerial Silks is a perfect starting ground if you’d like to improve your body awareness, with classes focusing on working to safely improve both functional strength and flexibility. Lessons are structured to cater to varying levels, from the absolute beginner to the aspiring circus artist, with moves and exercises allowing for progression to higher ability levels.

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aerial silk & aerial yoga instructor
  • Wednesday

    20.00 – 21.00

    This course is for students who have completed the Absolute Beginner Level and want to continue their training and climbing. Silks is a nice combination of circus and dance. Sophisticated and elegant, the combination of strength, flexibility and craftsmanship lets you float by air as you tone your entire body. In this course you will expand the basic techniques taught in the Absolute Beginner’s Level. Simona is a professional aerial artist. She is fully insured and educated with her own state-of-the-art equipment.