Aerial Silk Intermediate

Aerial Silk Intermediate

You don't need wings to fly!

All you need are two pieces of soft fabric, hanging vertically from the ceiling – and a little bit of our experience. Aerial Silk is a unique workout that trains every part of your body. You will learn how to move vertically, how to wrap yourself up and how to let yourself fall safely. 

Learn the acrobatic art on the silk and experience the feeling of weightlessness. Aerial Silk offers a fun full body workout that builds strength and agility. The body tension and body stability are promoted and thus the whole body is involved.

Aerial Silk magically combines elements of acrobatics and dance.

This course is aimed at aerialists who have some experience and know the basic figures. You will learn to combine the figures, build new sequences and build more strength and flexibility.

Fitted sportswear (long leggings and long-sleeve T-shirt)
No shoes needed, changing room and shower are available, bring a water bottle.

  • Wednesday

    20.00 – 21.00

    This course is for students who have completed the Beginner Level and want to continue their training.

Class Trainer
Simona Brüesch
Aerial Silk, Circus, Body Shaping, Stretching