Aerial Fit & Flex (Anti Gravity)*

Aerial Fit & Flex (Anti Gravity)*

Do you want to hang upside down?

But not only that; with Aerial Fit & Flex you experience a combination with elements from anti-gravity yoga, stretching and strength building. A full body workout which is carried out on a trapezoidal silk (like a hammock), is a lot of fun, but is less acrobatic than the classic aerial silk. This form of body training is suitable for beginners and advanced users, where everyone can practice the figure at their own level.

Fitted sportswear (long leggings and long-sleeve T-shirt)
No shoes needed, changing room and shower are available, bring a water bottle.

Courses start in May 2022 
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  • Tuesday

    12.15 – 13.00

    Kurse ab Mai 2020

Class Trainer
Simona Brüesch
Aerial Silk, Circus, Body Shaping, Stretching