Aerial Circus Adults

Aerial Circus Adults

«Get fit with dynamic movements»

Are you fascinated by the dynamic movements on the aerial silk, hoop and trapeze and would you like to try them out yourself?

In the Aerial Circus you will learn to dance on three different aerial props. Ring, trapeze and aerial silk are available. Here we not only train strength, endurance and flexibility, but also precise and dynamic execution. In addition, the mental work promotes concentration, whereby emotional control and focus are strengthened.

In this course you will learn to move safely in the air. With precise instructions, we will show you step-by-step how to find the right moves and the correct positions.

Building on the basic figures, we will show you other figures and sequences and practice increasing your concentration during high exertion.

The course is suitable for adults with and without prior knowledge. Strength building, concentration and flexibility have priority. Everyone is specifically promoted at their own level.



Aerial Circus Adults Monday 8.15-9.15pm

Class Trainer
Simona Brüesch
Aerial Silk, Circus, Body Shaping, Stretching